A Reason to Homeschool

Since releasing his mind from the grips of autism, my drummer boy has been more inquisitive than ever. He attends speech therapy once a week at the neighborhood public school, and while there these last two weeks a series of questions have arisen which have caused him to have some “aha” moments. The first conversation went as follows:

“Mom, why do we do school?”

“So you can learn about God.”

After some silence and a curious expression, I explained further. “You learn how to read, so that you can read God’s Word. You learn how to write, so that you can write praises to Him that even other people will be able to read. You learn math and science, in order to understand His creation better.”  This seemed to satisfy him and we began our therapy session.

The next week, as we were leaving therapy, he noticed the school buses and said, “Mom, I am going to let my kids ride the school bus.” I asked why and he explained.

“It would be fun.”

“What is fun about sitting on a school bus? Last time you were on a bus, you got sick.”

“Oh I remember! I did not like that bus. I do not think I will want them to ride the bus, but I am going to let them go to the school.”

“They don’t learn about God in the schools.”

“Oh!” he said while looking down rather sad. Then with a smile, he looks up and says, “Well then I am going to homeschool them. Mom! I am going to have to find a wife that believes!!!”



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