The High-Tech Schedule

I have a found a new way to schedule our school day and I am loving it! I am using the Cozi App. It has shared to-do lists, so my oldest son can check his daily school schedule and other to-do lists on his IPhone, which I have entered from my IPhone. As he completes his list, he checks the box next to the item from his own IPhone. At the end of the day, I check his list from my IPhone, and decide whether to uncheck the item in order to have it show for the next day’s schedule, or to delete the item completely from the list.

Here is an example of one day’s schedule for my 17 year old:

  • Piano 1 Hour
  • Chemistry To-Do List
  • Piano 1 Hour
  • Government To-Do List
  • Bible Study To-Do List
  • Essay 1st draft
  • Organize your desk

He is to complete the list in order and check the box next to the item when it is completed. Chemistry, government, and Bible study have their own to-do list from which he completes the first item on that list and checks it off when complete. Items on these lists usually get deleted when completed, whereas the items on the daily schedule usually get unchecked, by me, in order for it to show up on the next day’s list.

As I read through his books for the subjects with their own to-do lists, I create and enter each activity into the Cozi App’s shared to-do list, which I have headed with that subject’s name.

Here is an example of his Government To-Do list:

  • Basic American Government (BAG) pg. 17-24 and journal
  • BAG pg 24-27 and journal
  • God and Politics pg 21-41 and journal
  • Idiots Guide… Chapter 10 and outline

Here is an example of his Chemistry To-Do list for Apologia Chemistry Module 4:

  • Page 111-117 and On Your Own Questions
  • Experiment 4.4
  • Pg. 118-125 and On Your Own Questions
  • Review Questions
  • Practice Problems
  • Test

And finally, here is an example of his Bible Study To-Do list:

  • Inductively study 1 Samuel Chapter 14
  • Inductively study 1 Samuel Chapter 15
  • Inductively study 1 Samuel Chapter 16
  • Write an essay in which you explain Saul’s fall.

One of the best things about this app is that I can slide each item up or down within the list. This way, if he didn’t happen to get to chemistry one day, I can move it up on the list so that he begins with it the next day. No cut, copy, or paste, just hold down and slide it where you want it. This is just what I have needed in order to easily keep track of how he is looping through his subjects. If he decides he wants to spend more time on a subject, I just slide it on up.

I also have a list that keeps track of my younger kid’s school subjects and projects. Sometimes the day gets away from me, and I have to ask myself, “What are we supposed to be doing?” When this happens, I just go to my Kid’s School List.

Here is an example of my Kid’s School List:

  • Bible: 1 Sam 17
  • Memory Verses
  • All About Reading
  • All About Spelling
  • Right Start Math
  • Music
  • Typing
  • Current Events
  • The 21 Balloons
  • Easy Grammar

I haven’t needed to really detail out this list as I did with my oldest son’s lists, because my younger kids don’t have their own IPhones. This list is to simply jog my own memory and keep track of what we are able to accomplish in a day. I slide the subjects up and down according to what we have accomplished and what I want us to start with on the next day. If I see that we haven’t gotten to a subject in awhile, I move it up the list. These items don’t usually get deleted either. I do change some of them however. For example, the Bible chapter and literature book will change according to what we are reading, but the rest usually just get unchecked for the next day.

Of course I also use this app for the awesome shared grocery lists, but I haven’t really gotten into the calendar yet. All of our calendar events are shared on the iPhone calendar that is built into the phone, and I really don’t want to re-enter everything into the Cozi calendar. I do foresee myself using it more and more in the future however. I entered our trash day just to test it out, and yesterday my oldest said, “Mom, it’s trash day tomorrow. Know how I know? The Cozi App told me.” Oh yeah! I do like that.


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